Introduction of Ping SEO

My journey into the world of dropshipping began in 2019, during my final year of studies. Quickly, I generated my first sales through Dropshipping SEO/SEA.

These initial sales were a revelation, showing me that it was possible to earn a substantial income with this venture, while enjoying immense flexibility and working at my own pace from anywhere in the world.

After 5 years of building an empire in the eCommerce realm, with over 20 operational dropshipping stores, I surpassed the impressive milestone of one million euros in revenue.

The key to this sustained success?

Organic search optimization. Thanks to SEO, I'm guaranteed regular, long-term sales, even without my direct intervention.

Today, I've set new, distinct goals for myself: to create a community of entrepreneurs passionate about e-commerce, eager to master the SEO, SEA, and marketing techniques in dropshipping that I apply to thrive in this online business and say goodbye to traditional employment. 💼

Presentation of Ecom Escape

Ecom Escape is more than just a course; it's a deep dive into the world of dropshipping with a focus on SEO and SEA strategies.

Designed for those who aim to succeed in creating profitable online stores in the short, medium, and long term, this training offers a unique educational journey, blending theory and hands-on experience.

The course covers foundational dropshipping principles, secrets of organic SEO optimization, and the nuances of paid advertisements on Google Ads.

What sets Ecom Escape apart is its real-world case study. You'll follow step by step the creation of a store from scratch, culminating in a successful online store, applying all the taught strategies. This is your opportunity for a dynamic, evolving, and immediately applicable learning experience.

Join us on this e-commerce adventure and learn how to sidestep the common pitfalls of dropshipping.


Ecom Escape is the most practical dropshipping course for entrepreneurs who want to make a living from e-commerce and escape the 9-5.

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